Home Buying Program for the Credit and Financially Challenged

Home buying Challenges

There are two major barriers to homeownership in America. The first barrier is acquiring the money for down payment and closing costs. The second barrier is meeting the credit standards to qualify for a loan. The two barriers work together creating a cycle that is hard to break. That is, the worse your credit the more money you need for down payment, the better your credit the less you need. But, if you had the money for a large down payment chances are you wouldn't have the credit problems! Or conversely, if you have perfect credit you probably have money and don't need a loan with a low down payment requirement. See what we mean? This cycle is hard to break and will likely keep a large percentage of Americans trapped as renters... never enjoying the safety and security of homeownership.

ZSW GROUP (ZSW) has recognized the above imbalance and has created a system of financial and credit assistance that is combined with the specific needs and criteria for homeownership. While most real estate agents and mortgage companies are not interested in helping people with these challenges ZSW GROUP is prepared and has the tools to assist you with your needs. We guarantee that with our combined efforts and teamwork you will soon enjoy the benefits of homeownership.
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