How the Program Works

Before being accepted into the home ownership program ZSW Group prescreens every applicant. During the analysis ZSW Group personnel calculates current debt and monthly income and then ages all outstanding derogatory debt on the applicant's credit report, using established relationships between debt, income, and credit aging. ZSW Group will help to find the house or property of your needs, let you lease that house, and help to ensure that you will be able to own that property within 12-months or less when the program guidelines are followed.

The fee to enroll in the ZSW Group program is $500.00 and if you choose to continue, will be deducted from your first month’s lease.

Once accepted, the applicant then chooses a property from our extensive list of proprietary listings, (ZSW Program guidelines for the property: minimum 25% equity and price should be such that the mortgage/rent will be affordable to the client).

Applicants who are accepted and enroll in the program are classified as either Qualified or Non-Qualified Approvals. Qualified Approvals, those with satisfactory credit, will purchase their home right away. And our selection of below-market properties will ensure that your property will have at least 25% equity at the time of purchase. Non-Qualified Approvals, those with challenged credit can choose the ZSW Lease Purchase Program: This allows you to lease the home of your choice as a renter and then purchase it at the end of your lease. The ZSW Lease Purchase Program is more than an ordinary lease. It does not require the usual “security” deposit, but you will be required to pay a deposit, usually equivalent to 5 months’ rent, which becomes your down payment after we qualify you for the purchase of your property. And under special circumstances, to make this process even more painless, ZSW Group may be able to spread out a portion of your deposit over a few months.

During the period of the lease, ZSW will enroll you in our Credit Rebuilding Program, if you choose this option, which can last from 2 to 6 months, at the end of which time you should become qualified to purchase the home that you are leasing.

The choice is yours, but if you sign up for the ZSW Lease Purchase Program, up to one half of each monthly rent payment will be applied to the purchase of your home, and while you are renting ZSW Group helps resolve any credit issues you may have.

Whether you are a Qualified Approval, purchasing a home right away, or a Non-Qualified Approval who participates in the Rent-To-Own program until you can purchase, ZSW Group allows you to select your home. Once you are approved for final financing, ZSW Group sells the home to you, and your initial deposit will be applied toward the down payment.

Ready to Join? Go HERE to fill out our online application and questionnaire. Questions? Go HERE to our FAQ page.  Or Go HERE to learn more about us, and why we do what we do…


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