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ZSW Group has been turning renters into homeowners for over 5 years with our new and innovative programs.  Over the years, ZSW Group has received numerous applications from people who were unable to afford the down payment and closing costs of purchasing a home as well as from individuals facing significant credit challenges.

ZSW Group has a passion for those who work hard to achieve, but are kept down by circumstances that often are beyond their control. Contact ZSW Group today and let us help you into the home of your dreams.

Why We Believe In What We Do

Homeownership strengthens communities. A higher level of homeownership within  a  neighborhood (more owners and fewer renters) helps develop a sense of community.  Members of a community look out for one another and this feeling of oneness with neighbors keeps crime rates lower, properties in better shape and property values rising.  Renters rarely know their   neighbors and many   live in deteriorating neighborhoods with more crime.

Homeownership is like a forced savings account. Families that purchase a home pay down the balance owed with each monthly payment. Also, if a home is cared for, it will generally increase in value with each passing year. The difference between what your home  is worth  and what  you owe  represents your  equity or  savings. The result is that families who purchase a home and decide to move take money with them. Families who rent a home and inevitably move have nothing to show for the rent they have paid. Homeowners also reap significant tax benefits that further enhance saving opportunities.

Homeownership develops stronger and healthier families. Families that purchase a home stay in one place longer and move less frequently. This stability  provides  the background for  wholesome lifelong memories  and in turn  helps children and  parents  experience and  develop a  sense of  belonging and  community. Renters rarely have this experience or leave it behind when they move.

Homeownership provides security for the elderly.  Elderly people are generally retired and living on a fixed income. This income is usually less then what they earned during their working years. Elderly people who are homeowners do not have to worry about moving to a lesser rental or worse neighborhood when they retire and their income declines. They also don't have to worry about annual increases in rent.

The barriers to homeownership are real and insurmountable for many Americans.  ZSW Group believes the right to own a home is basic to  all  Americans  regardless  of  age, race,  ethnicity,  religious  beliefs, level  of  income, or  standing in  the community.  Contact ZSW Group today and begin the process of owning the home of your dreams.

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